Accidents At Work: How To Prevent a Workplace Injury? [Plus Work Comp Details]


Injuries at the workplace have put many of our best employees, family, and friends in the hospital and for some, even unable to fend for themselves. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, businesses all over the country spend more than $1 billion a week in settling claims and looking after employees.

This statistic goes to show how this could affect your business and even the morale of your employees. This can lead to low productivity and significant losses on the part of your business.

How can you prevent injuries from occurring at your place of work?


Identify the hazards

It would be prudent to say that every job has its form of hazards. These can range from wet floors, heavy items that are moved manually, ergonomic related, loud noises and many others.

Identifying which hazards can be injurious to your employees and business is the first step to solving them. You can have experts come in and give a thorough assessment of the hazards your business and employees face.

Come up with a wellness and safety plan

These will be vital to making sure your employees know what they face in terms of hazards. The first step is to come up with a safety manual. This should clearly outline any instructions and procedure employed when handling the equipment. If there are PPE’s to be worn, the safety guide should also clearly outline them.

To cap this, an employee training program is essential to making sure everyone understands their role and responsibilities. This is also recommended if the employees do have questions they need to be cleared up.


Have a regular safety training program

There are certain incidences like fires or even earthquakes that could cause significant injuries at your workplace. A safety training program would enable the employees to know what to do when disaster strikes. These can range anywhere from basic firefighting to emergency medical aid.

About Work Comp Benefits for Work Injury

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